100 Days left in 2019!

100 Days left in 2019!  Can you believe it?  Where has the year gone?

2019 has been a year of firsts for me and it isn’t over yet!  I’m contemplating adding streaking to my firsts!  Today seems like the perfect day to start a streak – a 100 day streak.  What to commit to for 100 days is the question…running, journaling, meditation, practicing gratitude, eating cake…these are all good options.  I’d love to hear your suggestions!

The point is the year isn’t over.  100 days is enough time to learn a new language, skill, hobby, sport.  100 days is enough time to start a habit or walk away from a habit.  What will you do for the remaining 100 days of 2019. 

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day celebrates the laborer of America. I would like to take a moment to recognize the less celebrated, seen, appreciated hard working women! Whether you are commuting to the office, working from your home office, staying home with your babies, or maybe you are doing D – all of the above! Ladies, I toast you this Labor Day. I see you always on, from sun up to sun down. I see you being the first one up in your house and the last one down. I see you managing the household, multiple schedules, grocery lists, budgets, paperwork…so much paperwork for a paperless world. I see you slaying ALL the details! I see you. I acknowledge you. I appreciate you. I recognize you. I am you.

I feel compelled to switch gears and cut my original post short. As a resident of Florida and Hurricane Dorian currently off the coast I want to encourage everyone to take precaution. I will be hunkering down with my family at the house. We have stocked up the essentials. We have gassed up the vehicles and have all of our pets records handy in case we need to evacuate. If you are in the path please stay alert and safe!

Women’s Day Retreat

retreat group

Two months and 10 days ago, when I launched my business and booked a venue to host an event, I knew I was taking a giant leap into the unknown.  I knew I was taking a big risk and putting myself in a very vulnerable place.  What I didn’t know was when I finally made it to the day of the event, after all of the planning, excitement, second-guessing, and sleepless nights I would meet and connect with woman that would blow my mind with their willingness to show up wholeheartedly.  These ladies humbled me by letting down their guard and being open and vulnerable.  The day was a huge success!  The day was full of insightful work paths to define, goals and create successful action plans to achieve those goals.  Everyone left with one action they could take THAT DAY to start working toward their goals!  Thank you to the amazing ladies who joined me!

If this sounds like something you would benefit from mark your calendar for 2020!  I will be having a 2020 Year of YOU Workshop to kick off the year on the right track.

Protect your mindset!

Have I introduced our family cat?  Meet Precious.  A fitting name chosen by my son 10 years ago when we rescued her from a shelter.  She is a quiet, fluffy, boss in our house.  She is an introvert that doesn’t prefer the company of others.  The only time I ever hear her make a sound is when she needs something or is on her way to the vet for her annual checkup.  Yesterday I heard her protesting loudly.  I looked everywhere for her making sure she wasn’t trapped in a bathroom or closet behind a closed door.  Imagine my surprise when I found her in the living room seemingly fine.  I checked her food and water, which was full as she prefers.  And yet she was complaining.  At a loss I called in back up…my son.  He is the pet guru in our house.  Whatever he did worked.  Later I wondered if the cat even knew how to meow without sounding distressed because that is the only time she does.  Perhaps this is her only “tone”.

Do you have someone in your life like this?  Maybe a family member?  Maybe someone at work or church?  Maybe a parent of your child’s teammate, or someone on a committee with you?  It’s always too hot, too cold, too loud, too quiet, too fast, too slow…you get the idea.  Raise your hand if someone immediately popped into your mind!  It can be exhausting to interact with this person.  It can be hard to keep a positive attitude while being bombarded with complaints.  I find it especially hard if I am tired or struggling with something.

How do you handle this person?  How you do protect your mindset?  Nothing is foolproof, but I have a couple of go to practices as a guardrail for my mindset.

When I encounter someone who has a perpetual negative outlook I follow these rules:

  • I do not discuss my struggles with this person. This can be hard if this is someone you see daily, or a family member.  If you are struggling this person will dramatize the situation and make it seem worse than it is and likely they will not stop talking about it.  These are not helpful practices to overcome a struggle. (I will be doing a follow up post on this.)
  • I limit my interaction with this person, don’t engage. I always have earbuds handy.  I find these a very helpful tool when I am trying to limit my interaction with someone and can be used in most settings (other than church).  I do not engage in the conversation.  If I must add a comment, I make it brief and non-committal such as “I see.”  I walk away as soon as possible.  Boundaries are so important, and it is imperative to set and keep them. (I will be doing a follow up post on this.)
  • I remind myself I am responsible for my mindset, no one else has authority here. What someone else thinks or says isn’t really my business and is a reflection of them, not me.  This takes some repeating for me and isn’t always convincing, but I keep the mantra in my head until I do not feel the threat of negative thoughts seeping into my head space. (I will be doing a follow up post on this.)

This is not to say that I don’t have struggle, conflict, or obstacles in my daily life, who doesn’t.  I want to face these with an action mindset to overcome or work through these situations.  I cannot do this if I am carrying the negative emotional baggage of someone else.  I must protect my head space and mindset if I want to live my life with purpose, joy, and ease.  It’s a work in progress that takes daily practice!

If you need help with this visit my event page for the Women’s Day Retreat event I am hosting where we will be working on resetting our mindset so we can define goals and action plans to achieve those goals.

Save the Vaca!

Over the Fourth of July holiday my family took an extended family vacation. Being in Florida it was no surprise we had to weather many storms. On one occasion we were chased in from the boat by dark skies, thunder, and lightening. My first thought was “what a waste of a day”. It takes so much effort to get out on the boat! ALL the logistics of fishing licenses, life jackets, lunch, sunscreen, towels, not to mention all the equipment that is required by the state. So, for the trip to be cut short felt like all that effort for nothing!

Being chased in by the storm.

When we got back to the hotel room, I fully expected everyone to retreat to their rooms and do their own thing…enter electronics here. I was pleasantly surprised when that didn’t happen. I caught everyone before they could retreat and suggested we play cards, and everyone was game…see what I did there. The games were not sophisticated. We played war, go fish, slap jack, and someone brought Hedbanz. Yep, that’s a real card game. We laughed, we bonded, we spent time side by side playing!

Playing Hebanz

In that moment I had a choice to make. I could let the weather dictate the outcome of the rest of the day or flip the script and find a rainy-day alternative. The original plan wasn’t an option with circumstances out of my control. Even an over planner like myself, can’t plan, predict, or control the weather! I am so grateful I didn’t let my disappointment get in the way of making the most of the day. I also found the silver lining…no one went home with too much sun!

Has this ever happened to you? You made all the plans and did all the prep for a fun family day whether it is a day at the beach, a day at the zoo, a day in the backyard with the sprinklers and bubbles only to be rained out. Or maybe you planned a day for yourself and that fell through. How did you handle it?

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Happy July 1st!

Happy July 1st!  Today marks the halfway point of the year.  I find this is a good time to do a quick check in.  I throw a wide net when asking myself this question.  I am looking at how I feel physically, mentally, emotionally, career, relationships with friends and family, goals I set at the beginning of the year.

When examining these factors, I am gracious with myself and acknowledge I can make small shifts to be where I want to in each category.  This is also a good time to make sure where you think you want to be is truly where you want to be.  Have things shifted in your life since you last checked in?  Take the time now to make sure you are in on the path you want to be.  This is your road to travel, make sure it serves you!

If you need help with this visit my event page for the Women’s Day Retreat event I am hosting where we will be working on defining goals and action plans for the remainder of 2019.  How can I support you?


Happy Summer!


We just celebrated the Summer Solstice.  Summer Solstice is the longest day of sunlight hours and kicks off summer.  I love the summer season so yes, I say celebrate.  Happy Summer, although in Florida I think it unofficially started months ago.  For some reason I don’t think I have ever moved past the idea of summer that I had as a child: Schools out for the summer!

How do you summer?  Do you hunker down to hide from the heat?  Do you slather up and bask in the sun?  Do you try a new adventure?  Do you have a traditional trip or activity you do every summer?  In my house summer can feel like a free for all…the schedule is a bit lax and feels like one long weekend.

Years ago, I realized that while a relaxed summer is fun it is not sustainable and when the summer is over “getting back on track” isn’t easy.  I have developed a mindset to maintain schedule to ease the transitions from season to season.  I realize that I don’t want the summer to be too strict, so I carefully choose what I stick to.  I choose sleep, movement, and nutrition.  We keep the same bedtime and wake up time. We limit sugar and over snacking.  The most fun of the summer is the variety of movement we can do.  Running, biking, surfing, swimming are a few activities we like to keep moving.

I may make some summer modifications to the routine to fit in some summer fun, but for the most part we stick to the script.  I also try to remember it is summer so there is room for the midnight pool party.  There is room for movies in the park past bedtime.  There is room for pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m sure you have your summer fun, traditions, and rules that keep it real…What are they?  I’d love to hear any memories and suggestions for summer fun!

Or is summer just another day?