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butterfly photo I am a certified life coach where I work specifically with women on overcoming negative thought processes that stand in the way of accomplishing goals.  My goal is to help women re-frame their mindset so they can experience more Purpose, Joy, and Ease in their daily life.

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Affirmations are a tool to redirect our thoughts and take control of our mindset.  Affirmations  are statements that can be used to literally retrain your brain.  It’s science.  When used regularly affirmations can reduce stress and anxiety while increasing resiliency and resistance to outer negativity. 

I have created a guided affirmation template for you to use to help you manage a challenging moment and get refocused, or to jump start your affirmation practice.  Use this guide to bring purpose, joy, and ease into your day.  I would love to know how this helped you and what your affirmations are!