National Working Parents Day

I’m pretty sure National Working Parents Day covers all parents! If you are a parent showing up for your kids, your working!

So Happy Day!

When I was growing up one of my dads favorite sayings was “between midnight and bedtime”. For example “Hey dad, can you take me to a friends house?”, “Sure, I’ll have time for that between midnight and bedtime”. At the time I didn’t get it and responded with impressive eye-rolls. I excel at eye-rolls! When I became a mom I quickly learned the meaning and irony of this statement.

Parenting is a 24 hour shift job. Parenting is the most rewarding job you will ever have, and the most exhausting. As parents we face different situations and challenges. Also, we all face the same situations and challenges. When you peel back the layers we are all raising people we love dearly and want what’s best for them. We also want them to be responsible, resilient, self sufficient happy humans. This is work!

Today I am going to celebrate with an 8 hour shift at my second job, head home to complete the 24 hour shift at my first job of parenting, wifing (not to be confused with WIFIing), and running a household. This is what National Working Parents Day looks like at my house…because we celebrate it everyday! This schedule may look different for you but I bet our priorities are similar: keep everyone alive, pay the bills, stay sane.

The great news here is my schedule has recently opened up and now I have time for fun! This happened because I made small mindset shifts and these small mindset shifts led to big changes one baby step at a time. I shifted how I am working my 24 hour job, how I view my 8 hour job, and I made an addition to my priorities: ME! I started looking at what was important to me and made me happy rather than focusing on outside influences telling me how I should look, how clean my house should be, what my family should be consuming in all areas, what’s appropriate, what’s expected, how everyone else is doing. Hearing these messages for years and not being able to live up to external expectations set by society led me to a place where I was using food for comfort and entertainment. Food was my security blanket and I wrapped myself in 300+ pounds of it.The most impactful change I made was to lower my expectations. It sounds counter productive right? But what I mean is I’m not perfect and I’m happy with that. Perfect isn’t real and to strive for it is an endless quest never to be fulfilled…if I’m going to do that I’m going unicorn or mermaid hunting…at least that sounds fun! If you would like to make some of your own shifts I can help. Schedule a call with me to chat.

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