2 steps forward…what, were you expecting “1 step back”? Nope, not today!

I’m stepping off the struggle bus and only moving forward…today. And I’m scheduled to do the same tomorrow, and the next day. And if I happen to land back on the struggle bus I’ll ride around town and hop off as soon as I’m able. That usually requires some awareness that I have taken a seat on the struggle bus! I’m better off on the structure bus! I thrive in structure! I don’t want to. I want to be free a spirited nymph like creature that goes with the flow and faces change with grace and a spirit of adventure. This just isn’t me. I am a structured soul that has next years holidays and events planned. This gives me peace. Knowing what to expect would bore the hell out of some. Knowing my personality type helps me accept myself and those around me for who they are and how they navigate this world. Accepting myself is definitely a work in progress. But, I am leaning when I resist my tendencies I resist my true nature and set myself up for anxiety, low self confidence, and unhappiness!

What is your personality type? Are you a free spirit? Or a structured planner? Or have you been living incongruently because you are doing all the things for all the people and you have lost touch with you? I can help you!

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