LADIES! Join me for a day of celebrating YOU!

I had the opportunity to spend the last two Saturdays at the Riverside Arts Market.  I set up a booth to sell my wares…which happens to be myself.  This was a fun and intimidating experience!  To stand behind a table that you hope you have presented well enough to catch the eye and then talk to complete strangers about what you do is scary stuff, and also exhilarating!  I was lucky enough to meet some lovely ladies who shared with me snip-its of their story.  Shout out to all you amazing women!  We all have a story and the more I listen to the more I realize how strong and wonderful we are.  I also realize we don’t have enough people telling us this and we definitely don’t tell ourselves this enough!  I also realize this is my WHY!  You are my WHY!  I want to help woman appreciate themselves.  I want women to look in the mirror and see the strength, power, and superhuman strength they embody!  I want women to see themselves as I see them!
I see you ladies.  I see you making, raising, shaping our next generation.  I see you holding up the structure of our current generation while trying to pave a way for our future so they can live a better life.  I see you grinding out the work to make it all work.  This looks different for us all.  And also so very similar.  Not one person that I spoke to was surprised or disagreed when I said “I feel like women do all the things for all the people and forget to put themselves on their own priority list”.  Not one person said “Nope, your wrong.”  I had a woman proclaim “Actually, I’m a selfish jerk” and I cheered loudly!  I had a husband drag his wife off with a look of disdain and fear in their eyes.  And I had a gentleman sign his wife up on the spot.  I hope that you all have the support, whatever form that support comes in, where you are being seen and appreciated.  I hope that you have a moment in everyday that is for you, and I hope you actually use that moment for yourself without guilt or justification.  Do you? Do you need more support?
If so join me at my Women’s Day Retreat this Saturday, 8/3/2019!  We will be building connections and community.  We will be working on defining goals, refining time management, and building you back into your priority list!
LADIES!  You need this!  Hop over to my event tab and get your ticket!

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